Board Members

Lilia Abaibourova


Director of Product Management, GoDaddy


Lilia Abaibourova is an experienced technical leader who enjoys building platforms and teams. As Director of Product with GoDaddy, she leads a team that defines the future of UX and Personalization for the company's web and native presence. Previously, Lilia worked as an Engineering Manager 

with HBO and Microsoft. 

Lilia served as the General Co-Chair for the  Grace Hopper Celebration 2015 and is on the leadership team for the Hopper X1 Seattle event. Lilia holds a Master's in Computer Science from Colorado School of Mines. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family on local hiking trails, traveling and competing in triathlons.

Molly Brown


VP of Engineering, Qumulo, 

Qumulo, Inc. is a Seattle-based hybrid cloud file storage company. Molly is passionate about building products that delight and empower customers to unlock the power in their unstructured data and believes the way to do that is by building highly effective teams. Prior to Qumulo, she spent 15 years working on a variety of storage-related features in Microsoft Windows products. Molly has been supporting girls increase their interest in STEM and women grow in their technical careers for nearly 20 through mentoring and leading women networking groups inside of Microsoft and Qumulo. Molly is excited to be part of the LevelUp Seattle team working to build a thriving cross-company community for technical women. 

Molly holds a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Virginia. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two sons.

Debbie Dubrow


Principal Program Manager and Senior Software Development Manager, Zillow 

Debbie Dubrow is a Senior Engineering Manager at Zillow Group, where she leads both Product and Software Development for on-site marketing technology. At Zillow she is also the director of Women in Tech, a vibrant group that fosters inclusion and helps develop leadership skills amongst women in technical roles. Debbie previously worked at Microsoft where she was Group Program Manager in the Windows User Experience team.

Lauren Garbutt

Laura Grit


Senior Principal Technologist, Amazon

Laura has been with Amazon the past 10 years. Prior to working at Amazon, Laura received her Ph.D. from Duke University in Computer Science. She currently works in Amazon Web Services.  Laura is passionate about mentoring and developing others and is in the leadership team for Amazon Women in Engineering.  Laura is excited to expand this passion outside of Amazon and to others in the Seattle area.

Anne Marshall


Principle Engineer, Amazon

Anne is currently working with the Amazon Go team.  She has been a developer at Amazon since 1998, and has worked in the areas of Fulfillment Systems, Customer Reviews, Kindle Community, Goodreads and Amazon Go.  She has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Bryn Mawr College, as well as a masters in Computer Science from University of Washington.  For the past decade she has been a member of the leadership for Amazon’s Amazon Women in Engineering group, whose goal is to make Amazon the best place to work for all intersections of technical women/gender minorities.  In particular she focuses on technical and career development 

in technology roles.

Sheila Oh


Director, Computer Science Fundamentals Certificate Program, Seattle University

Sheila directs the Computer Science Fundamentals Certificate Program at Seattle University, a part-time career change program that prepares students with no prior computer science background to enter the MSCS program. Before moving into academia, Sheila spent time as a technology consultant, software engineering manager, and director of operations.  A founding community leader of Seattle, which launched in June 2016, Sheila led the organization of 2017 Hopperx1 Seattle and monthly, local events for the Seattle community. She is currently serving as the main organizer for 2019 Hopperx1 Seattle, a locally organized conference modeled after the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.  In her “space time, she can be found in the violin section of the Seattle Philharmonic, kicking up her heels with Sister Kate Date Company, and serving on the board of Live Music Project.

Alicie Steinglass



Alice's teams build the most popular computer science courses in America for students from kindergarten through high school. They run workshops and professional learning programs that have prepared tens of thousands of teachers across the United States to begin teaching computer science. In addition, her team partners with education and software companies across the industry to run the Hour of Code - a global movement reaching 10's of millions of students in over 180 countries.  Alice is dedicated to increasing diversity in computer science by giving every student the opportunity to learn computer science in school. With a student base that is 45% female and 47% African American or Hispanic, has already enrolled millions of girls in our Computer Science classes.  Prior to, Alice studied computer science at Harvard and led various teams at Microsoft: she managed the PM team for the UX Platform on HoloLens, designed APIs and developer client libraries for Xbox 360, ran an ecosystem outreach and UX team for Windows and built project management tools.

Kiki Tsagkaraki


Principal PM Lead, Microsoft

Kiki is a Principal PM focusing on Data & Analytics for the Microsoft Education division, helping empower the students of tomorrow with technology solutions. She has worked in many leadership positions across Microsoft focusing on data and analytics and business strategy, including Xbox, Microsoft Services and Finance.  Prior to joining Microsoft, she held several data modeling and risk portfolio management positions in investment Banking in London, working for UBS Investment Bank.  She has been involved with for over 7 years as a co-chair and reviewer of the GHC Data Science track, is co-chairing for GHC19 and is a core member of the and Hopperx1 Seattle planning team.  She is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science and lives in Seattle with her husband and two boys.

Katie van Zyl


Senior Director of Product Management, GoDaddy

Katie van Zyl leads a growth team focused on  the mission to give entrepreneurs the tools and insights needed to start, grow, and thrive in their ventures. Prior to GoDaddy, Katie has spent 20+ years in the software industry leading product management teams across different products and platforms.  Katie is passionate about supporting women in tech, with a focus on the support and retention of senior women later in career. She is the co-President for the GoDaddy Women in Tech employee resource group, a corporate partner of ABI Seattle, and is a founding member of LevelUp Seattle. She has been a host and speaker at many local and industry events.  Outside of work Katie enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, playing volleyball, reading, traveling, and 

trying new restaurants.

Ying Worries


Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

She followed her parents’ footsteps into computer science, then got a MS in computer science from U. of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. During her 20 years’ career in high tech, she set out to be more intentional in choosing her own path by exploring different disciplines and career paths. She found it equally important to share her trial and error learnings with other women through building communities inside and outside Microsoft for over 15 years. She has actively been recruiting men and women in tech into diversity and inclusion effort, including her loving husband. She has 2 teenage kids whom she encourages to pursue their own life passion.